Obligatory Imus Post

I can’t believe I’m un-retiring over this story. I also can’t believe I consider myself “retired” when I only blogged for about a year. And it was a BLOG for god’s sake… not a job. No one payed me. Hardly anyone even read this thing. There was nothing to retire from!

Regardless I am back. And over the story that should not be.

First I simply have to point point out the disturbing similarity between Don Imus and “Throw Momma From the Train” star… Anne Ramsey. Does no one else see this?
anne ramseyImus

Now I’ve never actually listened to Imus for more than a few seconds at a time, and I have zero respect for DJ’s and radio personalities in general. They are the used-car salesmen of the airwaves. Imus’s comments were stupid and insulting. And I’m sure that when the Rutgers women’s basketball team all huddled around their radio to tune in to Imus’s show that morning, they were shocked and hurt by his words. So he apologized. Does that make it right? No, not really. but there’s not much else he can do. So he was fired. Does that help? Well, it absolves NBC, but he’ll likely get a job elsewhere when this all blows over. But what else can he do?

So why are we still talking about it? Why does CNN continue to spend days on this? Why is every “black leader” making airtime on the subject? And why am I ending my 8 month silence to speak out on this of all things?


Well we burned through everyone being pissed at Imus (the news covered that to death). We’re somewhere in the middle of the backlash against the trumped up outrage by “black leadership” (the news and bloggers are furiously squawking about this still). And we’re probably just about starting the backlash against the media for over-hyping and over-covering this story. Stewart said it already of course. But now I’m hearing others as well. Stupid media. Always cramming their agenda down our throat.

Well wake up people, this is just as ridiculous as griping about the exorbitant salaries of pro athletes and movie stars. This stuff doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If no one watched CNN’s 24 hour Imus-watch, then there would be no 24 hour Imus watch. If people refused to pay $50 a ticket, A-Rod wouldn’t be making $6 million a year. If people didn’t thirst for celebrity news with such vigor, then the Enquirer wouldn’t exist and there wouldn’t have been paparazzi chasing Diana in Paris.

In this case… if no one is there to hear it, the falling tree won’t make a sound.

You did it. We did it. Tired of endless coverage? Turn it off. You have no one to blame but yourselves for the things that happen in this world. Take some responsibility for once! You can’t blame people for filling a need that we create. “Black Leadership” (and I use quotes here because it is a self-appointed title and I think it’s insulting to black people to believe they all uniformly hail these nuts as their kings (pun intended))… “black leadership” basically gets handed an open mic on a national stage… you think they should pass? Everyone’s talking about Imus’s comments and their reaction to the comments and the reaction to the reactions… and you think the media should just give us real news instead? Well ask for it!! If enough people wanted real news we would have it. But we don’t. If enough people wanted to hear the truth about tough issues, we would have visionary leaders in government, not just the best liars. We are all to blame.

Do something about it or stop your bitching.

And yes I am aware of the irony that most people who find this article will find it because they have typed in “Imus” into a search engine in the hopes of finding the latest news or opinion on this scandalous non-story. To those idiots I have just one thing to say…

“Thank you for visiting”.


One Response to Obligatory Imus Post

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hey! Who are you? Oh, wait, its Bradley!

    While it does not fully explain the Imus-ication of the news, I think the media people were a bit perturbed by this because Imus broke a cardinal rule of media:
    You don’t slander non-public people.

    He could have said this about anyone from Tina Turner to Rosie O’Donnell, but he said it about a group of innocent college girls.

    To the media, this was an unforgivable sin.

    But I wholly agree, just like Anna Nichole, the News/Entertainment watching public made this monster.

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