Too Many Secrets?

From the “Setec Astronomy” Department
I’m in the midst of reading a book by Dan Brown (the writer of the DaVinci Code) and I’m convinced that I never want to read another Dan Brown novel, ever.
Anyways, the book it titled Digital Fortress; I’m only 20% through the book, and I’m sure there are some plot twists awaiting me (I HOPE there are, because the plot and facts are awful!); but the premise is the NSA must deal with an activist coder who creates an unbreakable encryption code.

Now, this is deadly, and will lead to pure anarchy if this is mass produced to everyone-and-their-grandmother, because it will empower criminals and evil-doers to communicate freely, without fear of being uncovered.

As I’m reading this book, it is the EXACT OPPOSITE PLOT of the Movie Sneakers.

Governments Keep Too Many Secrets

In Sneakers, our heroes deal with an activist hacker who acquires a device which can crack ANY code, which would prevent governments from keeping secrets.

One activist creates an algorithm to generate an unbreakable code so everyone can have secrets.
One activist creates an algorithm to make the ultimate code breaker, so no one can have secrets.
Both lead down the road to anarchy?

I found that dichotomy fascinating.

But, at the same time, I found it in line with the rest of the universe.
Too much of something is often fatal, including secrets.


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