Look Who’s Blogging Now

This just is too good to pass up. The president of Iran has a blog now. Lately I’ve been toying with hanging up my blogging shoes and now finding that I share a hobby with the Leader of one corner of the axis of evil may just be the sign I’ve been looking for. Now I’ve seen everything. Can a MySpace account be far behind? Will Al Qaeda start using YouTube to distribute it’s videos?

Here’s a post I translated from one of his recent entries…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Just been busy killing zionists and putting White-Out over Israel on all my globes. Ah… such is my so called life. But here’s a cool site to tide you over until I post again. Many thanks, and don’t forget to click my ads.

And just for some color on his readers, I translated some of the comments too…

Badazz32 says: Dude, your blog sucks.

earle says: Nice site guy. Many thanks for your work. Buy Cialis.


2 Responses to Look Who’s Blogging Now

  1. Jeremy says:

    He’s got a ways to go before matching Gathafi

    Yeah, he’s still a Colonel.

  2. Chuck says:

    Ahmadinejad really meant to reference this site. He like the title much better.

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